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Movie Review - Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

Trailer: Watch Here
Director: David Leitch

David Leitch's Deadpool 2 is funnier😂, filthier and definitely stronger💪 in each aspect than its predecessor that released back in 2016. Ryan Reynolds once again does justice👍 (he also has screenplay credits for this one) with his on-point voice-over of the lead protagonist and goes all out with more gags, more gore and a kick-ass villain portrayed by Josh Brolin✊ as Cable, a time-traveling future soldier. Brolin does an outstanding job too and doesn't remind you of Thanos for once (no matter how hard Deadpool tries to remind us the same throughout the movie).

Deadpool 2016 set the bar high for its sequel, which was still skeptical until the Deadpool 2 teaser dropped and the movie, at most levels, doesn't disappoint. Although it seems to lose its grasp🤔 over the greed for a good sequel when some of its gags overpower the action sequences and vice-versa.

Unlike the 1st installment, Ryan Reynolds' character has more heart in this one and constantly makes you realize his sentimental, be it his wish to become one of the X-Men or be it reuniting with his love❤️️ interest Venessa. Although with the number of sarcastic and cliched dialogs throughout the movie, it falls just short of the depth it aimed for. But that's not what anyone of us will go into the theatre seeking.

What Deadpool 2 offers is a fun, exhilarating ride through some highly hilarious, vaguely sad and excellently choreographed action sequences which led the 1st movie towards such a big Hollywood success.👏

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