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The New Chrome Browser 61 With Loads of Features

The update has already released for Windows, Linux and Mac earlier this week, Google is set to release the latest chrome browser version 61 for Android users. The new update will come with some new features and improvements.

In the upcoming update, google will make it possible for users to pick images to post online with an improved image picker. Once you tap and hold on a link or  an image, a new menu will pop-up and this is expected to make posting images online more intuitive.

According to Google, the latest Chrome 61 for Android is also expected to translate pages with a more compact and intuitive toolbar. This means that once you visit any website with a language different from the one on your device, a tool will come up and this will make translating pages a lot more easier and faster.

Aside from the newly added features, the latest Chrome 61 for Android is also packed with some improvements and bug fixes to make the app more stable and efficient.

This  new update has already been released for Android devices, but we'll have to wait until next week to download it from the Google Playstore.

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