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Movie Reviews: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle   
Trailer📹: Watch Here 
Director: Matthew Vaughn

Stories that makes sequels is Not the case here. The first part was a fun film with its over the top action sequences, funky gadgets and smacking one liners. Unfortunately the novelty wears off in the sequel.

When the headquarters is destroyed and almost all the agents of the Kingsmen are eliminated, Eggsy Unwin will join forces with the Texan branch the 'Statesmen' to kick some butt. It is a long journey to save the planet and the exquisitely shot stunt sequences don't have a decent screenplay to support.

Obviously Colin Firth doesn't die. He is just back in his Nick Fury avatar complete with an eye patch of sorts. Not all the blasts, bullets and groans of the audience is going to stop the studio from making another one of these.

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