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Hollywood Movie Reviews: Birth of the Dragon, American Made

American Made

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Director: Doug Liman

Looks like Tom Cruise is once again up to something crazy. Tom plays Adler Berriman Seal, a commercial airline pilot who joins the CIA in covert drug delivery operations. Tom, in his Texan twang, plays the part well and turns on the usual charm in his pilot's uniform. The movie is fast-paced and full of action, guns, drugs and babes. Certainly not one of Tom's best movies, but at least he never fails to entertain.

Birth of the Dragon

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Director: George Nolfi

Beware that this is only a fictionalized drama based on Bruce Lee but doesn't really have anything much to do with the legend. George Nolfi attempts to showcase a fight between Lee and Shaolin master Wong Jack Man in 1964.

The action is on point and comes complete with nunchucks, wooden dummies, flying kicks and a one-inch-punch. Watch it for the action, not the story.

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