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What NPower Applicants Must Do Before 31st August for Physical Verification

This article is a reminder as to the 2017
NPower applicants, that the NPower
assessment screening test is still ongoing.
The test will end on 31st August, 2017, if
interested, make sure you take the test
before the closing date.

The NPower officials reveal what all
candidates must do before 31st Of August
2017 and has also given an update on its
program. The NPower empowerment scheme
officials said that volunteers who have not
written their test and their BVN shows Invalid
BVN, should log on to the website because
the assessment test closes on the 31st Of
August 2017.

To those who have written their N-Power test,
you are to read and adhere to this relevant
information as it regards your continual stay
in the N-Power program. You should be
aware that after the test comes pre-selection
then followed by physical verification, which
is the apex of the N-Power scheme.

The physical verification means you would be
with the N-Power officials face to face to go
through your documents and your online
registration information. At this stage,
thousands of applicants will be dropped and
because we don’t you to be among them, we
bring to you N-Power secret so as to win and
be NPowered.

N-Power Secrets you most know

Before the verification you must keep the
following documents ready, authentic and

Your Degree : NCE, OND, HND, B.Sc, B.A,
B.Eng, B.Ed etc these documents must not be
forged as you would be providing original
copies as well as photocopies.
Your Birth Certificate: Most agencies do not
accept age declaration from court as
applicants can go to court to reduce their age.
The officials will accept it but that might be
the end of your N-Power journey. So you are
advised to keep your Birth Certificate and not
age declaration.
Your NYSC discharge or exemption letter:
Most applicants applied with B.Sc, HND
without NYSC Certificate. This will disqualify
thousands of N-Power applicants during the
verification as it is one of the criteria for
application. NCE and OND applicants are
exempted from this.
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC): This
is to be sure that you actually followed the
Nigerian education system i.e the 6-3-3-4
system .These are unexpected things that
could disqualify more than a thousand
A valid Identity Card : you must have an
identity card to identify yourself before the

Passport photographs

Bank print out with your account and BVN
number used during registration.

The print out of the place where your name
was Pre-Selected

Dear esteemed reader make sure you have
these documents ready before the verification
as we have gone far to get you this
information to keep you safe on the N-Power

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