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Google 🌍 Allo for web πŸ’» rolling out, and you can try it now

After a long wait 🚶🏻 (Google said it would be coming in 'a few more weeks' back in July), Google 🌍 Allo's web client 💻 is now rolling out - although it's currently restricted 🚫 to those running the latest version of the app on Android.

Many users 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 can now select Allo for web 💻 within the hamburger menu 📋 on Allo 16. There's also a "learn more" shortcut linked to a support page 📜 which is now live and provides further details on how to access the web app.

To use Allo for web 💻, Google 🌍 recommends you install Allo 16 which is rolling out as of yesterday via the Play Store.

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