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Facebook announces πŸ”Š new memory features & ‘On This Day’ πŸ“… changes

In addition to recent changes 👍🏻 to the Newsfeed and other aspects of the app, Facebook today has announced 🔊 new "On This Day" features for its mobile applications‼️

In a blog post, the social network announced new features for easily "recapping your memories" 👀 baked right into the News Feed. The new features come as additions ➕ to the basic "On This Day" feature, which shows users their posts on that day from past years.

The recaps will appear as individual cards 🎴, with posts and images categorized by specific seasons or months. For instance, you might see one called “Your January Memories” or “A Look Back at Your Summer.”

Facebook is rolling these new features out now, so they should hit your account 👍🏻 sometime in the near future if they haven’t already.

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