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Study Says Life On Mars Will Have Fungus

There’s a fungus among us wherever we go, even Mars, so scientists are studying fungi in space habitats to better understand how those microorganisms will affect astronauts on a mission to Mars or in a space colony.

They used an inflatable habitat with similar conditions to the International Space Station — although, on Earth, it simulates the sort of closed system astronauts would live in on the moon or on Mars, complete with air filtration. As students occupied the habitat for 30 days, the researchers collected fungus samples to find species that were environmentally common as well as pathogens that could infect humans.

According to their study in the journal Microbiome, the “fungal community” became more diverse during the course of the human habitation, “therefore, it is crucial to properly maintain a closed habitat to preserve it from deteriorating and keep it safe for its inhabitants.”

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