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Premier League now the Richest Football League

The Premier League has cemented its status as unquestionably the world's richest league, with projected collective earnings of £4.5 billion last season, according to Deloitte.

The prestigious audit and financial consulting firm has released its Annual Review of Football Finance 2017, covering the 2015-16 campaign, during which total earnings were £3.6bn, a rise of nine per cent from the previous period.

While the latest accounts are yet to be published, that figure is believed to have increased considerably last term, which was the first season of a lucrative new television rights deal, worth a total of £8.4bn for domestic and international markets, or £2.8bn per season, over three years from 2016 to 2019.

In contrast, clubs in the top two divisions of Europe's second richest competition, Germany's Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga, are expected to earn approximately £1.2bn per season during the same period.

Combined revenue for clubs in England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France was said by Deloitte to have increased by 12 per cent to £11.8bn in 2015-16, fuelled by increases in broadcast income from UEFA Champions League participation.

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