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Browse Unlimitedly on Your Glo and Etisalat Sim For Free Using Tweakware

While the Glo N0 tweak has always been available, the Etisalat N0 tweak on the other hand has been on and off. Cast released the TweakWare version 6.2 which actually fixed the Etisalat tweak issue but it was blocked within few days.

Now a new version of TweakWare which is the version 6.3 has just been released and the Etisalat N0 tweak is working again.

Aside that, the annoying pop-up ads that appears whenever you are using the free server has also been removed. Note that the Glo N0 is unlimited while the Etisalat N0 is still limited to 60mb per day.

How to Setup Etisalat and Glo N0 Tweak With TweakWare

The settings is very easy and straightforward.

> Make sure you use your phone's default APN settings.
> Download the latest TweakWare Version 6.4 HERE.

> Uninstall the previous version on your phone and install this new one.

> Launch the app and select any of the available servers.
> Click on the tweaks and select either Glo N0 or Etisalat N0 (Depending on the SIM you are using).

> After that, just click on connect and wait for a few seconds while it connects.

That's all guys.... Enjoy it while it last. If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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