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Steps To Take After Leaving NYSC Orientation Camp

I. Report to your Place of Primary Assignment(PPA)

The first thing to do immediately after leaving orientation camp is to report at your place of primary assignment. If per adventure, your PPA is far from your orientation camp, go to the community for the night and settle down and the following morning, go to your PPA.

Note: In Some states the various Local Govt in the state will provide bus that will transport Corp Members posted to each local Govt to its head quarter.

What you will be taking to your PPA is the posting letter that was given to you on camp after the passing out parade (camp POP) on the last day of the camp. The essence of taking your letter to your PPA is to determine whether they will accept or reject you.
The posting letter is a letter addressed to your employer, and a detachable form is underneath.

Advise: make a photocopy of your posting letter before submitting.
At your PPA, the person in charge of corps member will either accept or reject you.
In the detachable form, the PPA will either write ACCEPTED or REJECTED and stamp it.
For example, if your PPA is a school, the principal of the school will stamp the detachable part of the form and write ACCEPTED/REJECTED in the acceptance Column.
If he write ACCEPTED, that means you can continue your steps further, but if he rejects you, you will have to go back to your Local Govt Inspector to get another posting letter.

Note: When reporting to your PPA, go along with a letter requesting for a travel leave, the letter has to go through your PPA, the Local Govt Inspector, the Zonal Inspector and the State Coordinator, if you are Accepted your PPA will attest on two copies, they will keep a copy, then the other copy you take to your Local Govt Inspector.

Step 2: Submit your letter of acceptance to your Zonal Office or Local Inspector office as the case maybe:

Once you are accepted in your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), the form will be detached and you will be given the end part of the form and your PPA will keep the other part, you take the part given to you to the Zonal Office and submit.  Depending on how far your PPA is to the Zonal Office, if it is very far, a local inspector will be attached to your area who will collect the form from you and record it in a register as you bring your slip.

Step 3: Go back to the Zonal office/LI’s office to fill in your Details including bank details

After you must have been accepted, you will have to Open a file with the Local Govt Inspector or anyone in charge of it. Opening a file includes, you filling a form that will require your Details including your Account Details (the account you must have opened during the camp).

Do you know why I’ve been patiently listing all this into steps, its because so many corps members are eager to travel back home, and will now come back to complain they have not been paid. The reason is because they did not fill the account register before they travel.

Step 4: Enjoy your 2 weeks leave (depending on your PPA)

Once you have finished steps 1-4 and you are sure, you can now travel for the next two weeks depending on your PPA. If your PPA is a school, most times they are either already on holiday period or about to start. So enjoy the holiday with them. But if your PPA is a private firm, ministry and other parastatals, your leave will be dictated by them, so please adhere to it.

I hope you have found this article helpful. Please share to your corper friends as it will help some people to reduce their stress of  settling down after camp. So once again, I welcome all the otondos from camp.

In summary, the steps to take are

1.    Report to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)
2.    Submit your letter of acceptance to your Zonal Office or Local Inspector office as the case maybe
3.    Fill in your Details in the account register at the Zonal Office/Local Inspector
4.  Enjoy your 2 weeks leave (depending on you PPA)

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