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Football fans around the world who really appreciate the talents of the fit, body-toned and superbly talented Cristiano Ronaldo will also fall in love with his two sisters.

Cristiano Ronaldo has two sisters Katia and Elma Aveiro; both of whom are celebrities in their own right.

However what quickly strikes the eye is their stunning beauty and body to kill and died for.

Katia is a popular musician in Portugal who launched her music career in 2005 under the stage name La Ronalda.

She boosted her profile by appearing on the Portuguese version of the reality show Survivor in 2014. Elma runs a clothing business with her sister and lives a rather lowkey life.

Check out pictures of Elma and Katia;

Elma (left) and Katia (right)

Elma runs a clothing business in Portugal

Katia is a stunning beauty whose Instagram page is filled with her voluptuous pictures
Aren't these ladies the cutest?

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