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Yahoo Mail Mobile App Now Has Caller ID Feature

Yahoo on Tuesday launched Caller ID and photo upload features for its Yahoo Mail app that will help users identify a caller from their email contact list and also access their phone camera roll on a desktop.

Yahoo may be a troubled company, with its multiple data breaches, SEC investigation, and delayed acquisition* proceedings, but its Yahoo Mail product still has 225 million monthly active users. The company has rolled out a few changes to that service in an effort to boost adoption of the Yahoo Mail mobile app. Now, the app will do more than deliver your mail, it will also sync your mobile phone’s photos to the desktop and help you identify phone numbers via a new Caller ID feature.

The Caller ID feature works to identify the incoming phone calls you receive by cross-referencing the telephone numbers with those found in your email inbox. Most people have hundreds of phone numbers in their email, the company explains, thanks to email signature lines and other references, but these aren’t necessarily saved in your phone’s contacts.

The new Caller ID feature will show a user who is calling even if the number is not saved in the smartphone, the company said in a statement. Yahoo Mail uses contact information from emails.

As soon as a user contacts you, the contact's name will surface with the call and Yahoo Mail will update names in your call history or when you dial.

To enable this feature, simply go to Settings, then Phone, forward to "Call Blocking and Identification", toggle the switch for Yahoo Mail and save the settings.

Once the new photo upload feature is enabled, your recent camera roll photos will be instantly available when accessing your Yahoo Mail account on desktop.

To enable this feature user's need to open the Yahoo Mail app on iOS or Android, go to Settings, then, Photo upload and tap the "Upload photos" toggle.

In a blog post, Yahoo VP of Product Management Michael Albers said, "Consider for a moment that our inboxes have become a place where all of our life's details are captured and stored. With smarter contacts and better photo-sharing, we're helping you take full advantage of your inbox!"

The new features are now available and users can update Yahoo Mail app in the App Store (iOS v4.13) and Google Play (Android v5.13).

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