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Nokia Is Planning A Relaunch Of The Iconic 3310 This Month, See Details Of Its Features

Reliable phone leaker Evan Blass, writing in VentureBeat, reports that a relaunch of the brick-like phone is planned for the end of the month. The Nokia 3310, first launched 17 years ago, has achieved cult status — it was extremely hardy, with a great battery and a now-iconic design.

HMD Global, the Finnish company that now makes Nokia phones, is reportedly preparing to launch a "modern version" of the 3310 ahead of Mobile World Congress, a mobile industry conference to be held in Barcelona, Spain, on February 26.

It sounds as if the new 3310 will riff on the original, rather than being a perfect reproduction. It will reportedly retail for €59 ($63, or £50) in Europe. It's not clear when or whether it'll launch elsewhere.

When the Nokia 3310 originally launched back in 2000, the phone was promoted to be the best for chatting. The phone was also one of the first to boast of the Nokia Navi Key, which offered easy access to the phone's features.

Here are some Features of the Anticipating Nokia 3310

Battery life

The smartphone era may have seen its fair share of innovations in terms of camera, UI, processing power, and features but unfortunately, battery life has taken the biggest hit as mobile communication evolved. The original Nokia 3310 offered a healthy 260 hours of standby time and a decent 4 hours and 30 minutes of talk time for a 1000mAh battery. With the new Nokia 3310, we can expect the era of improved battery life to return.


The Nokia 3310 is no doubt one of the most iconic Nokia phones ever built. Much like other Nokia feature phones that are known for their durability, reliability, and simplicity, the Nokia 3310 was also considered to be among the sturdiest handsets ever built. The Nokia 3310 could easily survive drops or even accidental water spills. The biggest relief was the handset never required a screen protector unlike modern day phones. With touchscreens dominating smartphones, there has been the fear of phones with cracked screens for users.

Snake II

The Improved Nokia 3310 could mean that the legendary Snake game will make its comeback on a Nokia device. It was one of the most popular mobile games in the 2000s and the Nokia 3310 had it.

Coloured Shells

The Nokia improved 3310 could also mean the return of the colourful rear shells. To recall, the Nokia 3310 was made available during 2000s in six different colours. Unfortunately, the unibody design has killed the fun of flaunting new coloured rear shells on phones.

Welcome screen

One of the features that I miss on my smartphone is the ability to tweak my welcome screen. Forget iOS, it's rare to find the option to edit your welcome screen this option even in most Android ROMs. The Nokia 3310 could bring that privilege to you.

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