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Telegram For Desktop Now Has Cool New Features In It's New Update

This was announced in their blog post yesterday.

Telegram for desktop was available for desktops and laptops since 2013. It now finally gets an update which is version 1.0 with a fabulous new design.

Some of the Features of the update includes;

> Consistent material design,
> great animations, and
> support for custom themes

This cool features will make Telegram for Windows, Mac, and Linux the tool for messaging from your Mac or PC.

See What the New Telegram Desktop 1.0 looks like:

Login screen

Your Chats

Custom Themes

Incase you don't like any of the predefined theme and you're looking for an alternative design, Telegram Desktop also supports customized themes. Anyone can make a theme for Telegram Desktop. This theme, for example, changes green outgoing messages to blue:

And here’s a third-party night mode theme:

Other Telegram Desktop Features?

The best thing about Telegram Desktop is that it automatically syncs messages from your phone with your computer using Telegram’s encrypted cloud. Just install it and log in to your account! All your messages, documents, photos and videos will be synced for you from the secure cloud.

Thanks to Cloud Drafts, you can even start typing on your phone, then continue on your desktop when you reach home or work.

Who needs email now? Telegram Desktop is many times faster and handles attachments like a pro. Just share your with those who want to reach you.

See more information about this Update from their blog here.

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