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Some Third party Apps Using Google Hangouts Will Be Shutting Down On The 25th Of April

Though Google has previously assured us that it has no plans on Shutting down the services of Google Hangouts, even with its Allo messaging app launched. But Still, it has started pre-installing Allo on new Android handsets instead of Hangouts. While Google might not be ready to eliminate Hangouts, it is no longer allowing apps to use Hangouts' API. And starting on April 25th, the API will no longer work.

This means that any app that uses Google Hangouts won't be available after that date. Google plans on using Hangouts as a tool for meetings which means that Google will be aiming it at enterprise use.

There are some apps that will still work with Hangouts past the April 25th drop dead date. These include the DialPad and RingCentral apps that can be used to dial into a call. Hangouts will also continue to work with enterprise communication tools like Slack, and with Google's own Hangouts on Air broadcasting tools like Toolbox, Control Room and Cameraman.

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