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Snapchat Search Functionality Has Been Updated, Making It Easier For Users To Easily Search For Friends

Snapchat today has announced that it’s bringing an entirely new search functionality to its iOS and Android apps. The feature will partially solve one of the long-standing complaints about Snapchat, with the company hoping that it will help users quickly find content to explore and new users to add as friends.

This Update which was announced through TechCrunch, Snapchat’s new search feature is designed with speed in mind.

It's Functionality

> You can access the search interface by tapping the new search bar at the top of the camera interface in the app.
> From there, you’ll see the option to quick chat with your most frequent friends and groups, view new friends, quickly add new friends, and search for content.

> You can search for both new friends and existing friends by name and username.
> You can also search for particular daily editions of Snapchat’s partner Discover channels and particular Our Stories by searching for their title.

> Tapping and holding on someone’s card brings up a brief overview of their profile, while tapping the card will start a chat with them and tapping the story preview icon will bring up their public story.

In addition to the new search functionalities, Snapchat is also opening up its Our Story to all users. For those unfamiliar, Our Story is Snapchat’s curated story that follows big events, holidays, and places around the world. Previously, Our Story had been restricted in terms of who can submit to it. With this change, however, the company itself can receive content from all users and decide from there how to aggregate it.

Snapchat says its new search and Our Story functionalities are rolling out today for some Android users and will come to all users on both Android and iOS soon.

Credit: 9to5mac

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