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Facebook Aware Of Battery Drain Issue Complaints On Both The Messenger And Facebook App

Facebook and the social standalone Messenger app are well known for causing battery drains on both iOS and Android devices. Both the apps from Facebook have been once again alleged by several users to consume a lot of battery life. The social platform has however acknowledged the issues and assures that they are fixed.

Some of the users on Twitter claimed that the Facebook app consumed over 1 percent battery every minute when it was in use. David Marcus, Head of Messenger at Facebook, replying to a Twitter user's query claimed that the "issue was isolated and fixed server side." Marcus further added that users experiencing battery drain can restart the respective apps. "If you restart Messenger the problem should be gone now," he added in a tweet.

We aren't so sure whether the issue has been fixed or not but some Twitter users complaining about battery drain did confirm that the restarting the App fixed the issue. One of the users shared screenshot from battery setting showing that Facebook and Messenger apps were not draining the smartphone battery.

If you are experiencing battery drain maybe you can restart the Messenger or Facebook apps to see if the issue has been fixed.

 Source: Gadgets 360

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