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Details Of The Recently Announced YouTube "Super Chat'' Feature That Streamers Can Benefit From

YouTube recently announced a new feature to help creators monetize when they go live. It’s called Super Chat, and allows viewers to pay to pin a comment on live streams.


> When someone goes on a live stream, you’ll see a dollar bill symbol in the chat window.
> Clicking this button opens up a slider that lets you set the dollar amount you’d like to send the YouTuber.
> The more you pay, the longer the comment gets pinned. You’ll also get a few more characters for your message as well.

> After making a payment, the comment will be highlighted in a different color to help live streamers flag a paid message.
> If the comment gets pushed off the chat stream, creators can also click through paid messages by clicking through colorful pins at the top of the chat window.

Super Chat will replace Fan Funding, the site’s previous tool for viewers to pay creators. YouTube’s product manager Barbara Macdonald said the goal for Super Chat is to help fans reach out to their favorite YouTubers in real time, and vice versa. “Creators can look at their messages and prioritize their biggest fans during a stream,” she said.

Super Chat is similar to what Twitch currently offers with Cheering, a way for fans to tip live streamers with chat emotes. The problem with YouTube’s version, however, is that any troll can potentially pay to pin hateful comments on the stream.

YouTube will be available for creators to blacklist chat words or ban harassing viewers but it’s still up to the YouTuber to flag posts that work around the standard community guidelines (say, an ASCII middle finger or other hateful symbols, for example.)
"Any troll can potentially pay to pin hateful comments"

YouTube says the tool is designed for viewers aged 18 and older, which means to those with a credit card, but it’s easy to imagine how a kid might get a hold of their parents’ account and wreak havoc on their wallet.

Super Chat globally has been launched in beta for selected users and will be widely available on January 31st.

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