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VLC Media Player To Support 360 Degrees Videos And Images

VLC media player is one of the most famous video players due to its lightweight. It is a first choice for viewing digital music and videos on both Smartphones and Laptops. VLC media player belongs to VideoLan Company. It has many interesting features in it, but the upcoming feature of VLC media player will be very amazing. Yes! the new upcoming feature has support for 360 degrees images and videos.

The upcoming version of VLC will be able to support 360 degrees. This version will make the VLC media player the first-ever media player to support 360 degrees videos and images. The release of this version is expected in december . Now users will be able to look around into the videos by using mouse and keyboard. This feature will be available with VLC version 3.0.

Youtube is already providing to view 360 degrees videos but by the release of VLC 3.0 users will not have to subscribe for youtube to watch such videos. VLC media player will provide the users with comfort of watching such videos on the PC. The new feature will push the VLC ahead of all its competitors. So, let’s wait for the release of this interesting feature expected in december. Don’t forget to share with your friends to let them know about this latest feature of VLC.

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