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Fix Slow Charging Ish On Your Smartphone

Android Phones are very good-looking handsets and they have many good features. Different manufacturer brings in various models of devices every now and then. But the common drawback all of them face is charging & battery life issue. Battery life of Android smartphones decrease with increase in technology. Yes, of course! The more features you have, the more battery it consumes.

If there are any new features added to the device’s battery draining starts. Moreover if you think the draining is the only issue then you are wrong, charging the device back to 100% or any percentage you want to charge it, it take double of the time to charge then to drain same amount of battery. So, in order to charge your device faster than normal rate at which you are currently charging it, here we have brought in some tips and tricks to do so. Just have a look.

Fix Slow Charging issues on Android

Here are few different ways which will help you speed up your battery charging process –


1 Turn Off Background Applications

There are many applications that runs in background even when you close them by your self. This app’s running in the background needs a lot of battery life to run continuously. So the first thing you need to do while you charge your phone is to shut down all the apps that are running in the background. This will charge your phone at faster rate.


2 Avoid using Phone when Charging

Using handset while charging also a cause of slow charging. Playing games, Internet browsing, or any instance of running applications consume battery. Avoid using your smart phone and if possible, turn off your smart phone or turn On Airplane Mode this will also charge your phone faster. And if you can’t do that, then just decrease your screen brightness, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any-other high battery consuming features.


3 Avoid Charging from PC or Power Banks

Now a days we have got different power banks to charge you device on the go. Actually when you repeatedly charge your phone with power banks it reduces the lifespan of your device battery slowly. Also it is not good to charge your phone with PC through USB cable. PC current is of low voltage so it takes a lot of time to charge.


4 Weak or Damaged Adapter

This could be the main reason of slow charging for many of the users. Due to voltage fluctuations your device charging adapter becomes weak and it gives out low current while you charge your phone. So, in order to prevent this you need to replace your adapter immediately as this adapter can not be repaired.


5 Change USB Cable

Use only original USB cable that come with the phone when you purchase it. Duplicate USB cables are weak so they do not withstand the actual current required to charge the device. It gives out low voltage and current while charging resulting in slow charging.


6 Replace Battery

Check if the battery is still in good conditions. After a long time of usage the battery become weak and defective. This type of battery is also one of the reasons for slow charging. The first thing you should do is to test your smart phone battery from any service center. If your battery is defective then immediately replace it with a new genuine one.


7 Upgrade Android OS

If all of the above solutions haven’t worked out then there might be a possibility that there are bugs or some kind of virus in your Android OS which prevents the battery from charging faster. So this might be one of the reasons for slow charging. Try to update Android OS or Firmware to the latest version.

That’s all, try out this solutions we hope it will help you fix your charging issues.

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