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Updated Method To Activate MTN Missed Call Alert

This is not a new feature from MTN but it was recently updated, If you can remember earlier this year the method that was used to activate the missed call alert on your MTN Sim is by texting SET 01 to 100

But this feature has been updated which is much more easier and more preferable than the previous.

Benefits of MTN Missed Call Alert

=> You will be able to know those that dialed your number when your phone is switched off.

=> When you are in a location with poor or no network coverage, you will be rest assured that you will be notified on your missed calls during that period.

How to Activate

Just text MCN to 131

After sending you will receive this message

Y'ello! You have successfully subscribed to Missed Call Alert for free. You will now receive notifications for all calls missed

To unsubscribe text NOMCN to 131

Note: This Service is FREE!!

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