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Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android

If you want to edit your video or you want to turn your images to video with awesome effects, You have come to the right place. Here we make a list of top 10 video editing apps for android devices. With these video editing apps you can edit an entire video like a professional.

1. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor automatically turns your photos and video clips into magical music videos. All you have to do is to choose two or more video clips, select a soundtrack you want to add and press the processing button. And wait a few minutes for the program to do its magic. Magisto analyzes your chosen sections and makes the cleverly splices, creating a very professional film.

2. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is one of the best video editor app, with powerful timeline video editing, heaps of cool free video effects, a photo video editor, slow motion and much more – including voice over to produce summer videos to share on YouTube or even Vine!
Edit footage from your GoPro or smartphone just like iMovie, Magisto or Final Cut. This free video editor app brings the power of a Full HD movie maker to your phone, with video effects, transitions, and voice over video capability.
Rotate, split or trim video in seconds. Make a movie with Full HD picture using simple video FX, transitions, and your own voiceover or audio soundtrack.
Create video in slow motion, even if your smartphone can’t record slow motion video footage natively.

PowerDirector lets you adjust video speed to produce slow-mo video like it was captured on a GoPro. Add videos from your Timeline, and start editing right away! Then, produce and share video directly on YouTube, Facebook and more!


Premiere Clip is a free video editor that makes editing fast and fun to create quality videos that can be easily shared. It has a laundry list of features, including the ability to auto-generate videos using your images and video if you don’t want to do it yourself. you can also edit your video manually using a variety of tools, effects, and music.

Premiere clip has the below features:
*AUTOMATIC VIDEO CREATION - Simply choose a soundtrack and select the pace and Clip artfully sets your images to the beat of the music.
*POWERFUL VIDEO EDITING Drag and drop clips and photos in the order that you like, trim out the parts you don’t want, and add visual polish with lighting adjustments, transitions, and slow motion effects.*SOUNDS GREAT Choose from stock soundtracks, or add your own music.
*PHOTO MOTION Add visual interest to static images

4. Video Show

Video Show is actually one of the most powerful video editor apps out there. It’s not quite on par with something like PowerDirector or Premiere Clip, but the list of features is long.
On top of the basic stuff, you’ll be able to add a variety of effects to your video. These include stickers, text (including font), themes, and other effects that you can pick and choose. You can also draw on the video if you want to or record a voiceover if needed.
The controls can be a bit finicky and there are some bugs and issues that need worked out, but it is worth a shot.

5. FilmoraGo

If you want a pro tool for your videos and media files shot by your Android, then the FilmoraGo Video editor is the best. It can also create slideshow of your media files such as images, pictures and soundtracks.
The tool is featured with easy interface to use. And there are lots of extra magical features in the app like video trimming, rotating, cool video effects like filters, overlays, animated text and title effects, sharing to mainstream social media communities etc. you would have no problem while using just simply add media files and left it as to give you the output.

6. VQuick

VQuick is a new collaborative video platform with many features including video editing and sharing, ability to follow other users and watch their fantastic videos, enables mobile film making and video collaboration.

It is a platform for aspiring professional filmmakers, citizen journalists, Vloggers and visual content generators to create share and collaborateon video projects.
With VQuick, everyone is a video producer. There is also a self-destruct mode included so you can show a video to someone and then have it deleted after it’s been viewed. It’s unique and it’s completely free.

7. Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker is a classically designed video editor that lets you actually edit video. You'll be able to trim, crop, and reorder video content as well as set focal points.
The app also boasts a variety of video effects and you can design your own custom filters, although that functionality isn’t amazingly powerful. The app has struggled with some bug issues since it’s major redesign, but it’s still one of the better video editing apps out there. It’s also completely free.


Funimate is the most fun video editor and music video maker used by millions of people. With Funimate, you can instantly transform an everyday moment into a creative video with awesome visual effects. With its patent-pending technology, you can create cool videos with never before seen real-time effects.

Funimate boasts more than 15 video effects. Let your creativity go wild, there is an effect for every occasion. You will be amazed how creative and fun the results are.

9. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a good “middle of the road” video editor app that gets the job done for most people. The app uses a storyboard style of editing where you load clips, edit and trim them as needed, and then move on to the next segment. It includes over 200 video filters and various other effects, text input, and fast and slow motion support.

VivaVideo has a free version that comes with a watermark and a time limit for any given video. You can remove these restrictions by buying the pro version.

10. Quikit's

Last on this list but not the least, it’s from a newer generation of video editor apps and it’s actually pretty good if you need something simple.

The way it works is you add up to 50 photos and video clips and the app will analyze each thing and spit out a short video based on them.
Quik contains about two dozen video styles and you can re-order and customize your video before you export it. It’s not nearly as powerful as something like Adobe Premiere Clip or PowerDirector, but not everyone needs something that intense. You can pick it up for free if you're interested.

Quik has the following features:

*Quik easily reorder photos, video clips and titles.
*Trim video clips to capture the perfect moment.
*Adjust the focal point on photos.
*Add text overlays and title slides. You can even add emojis.
*Change your video’s orientation from cinema to square for easy sharing on Instagram.
*Set a custom duration for your video.

Quik adjusts cuts and transitions automatically.

All these Apps are available for download on Google PlayStore

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