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Top 10 Best Nougat Features

The Android 7.0 is now officially named as Nougat and here are some of the best Android Nougat features. The name has been finalized after taking opinion from public and this version of Android is actually from developers and fans because it was developed from the inputs provided by them.

Officially Google says that there are 250 major features in Android Nougat but we just want to highlight those one which matters the most.

Best Android Nougat Features

The Android N Developer image availability much ahead of Google I/O has surprised everyone. Moving from Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you will notice few big changes. The Android N Developer Preview is based on adding the following features to full functionality without any errors. Here are the features that you can expect from upcoming major Android release.

Best Collection of Emojis
Emoji have become popular quick and fast. Starting with the basic ones, the list has now reached 1500 that comes built into Android. So express yourself in the way you want.

Multi Window Support
The much talked multi-window support is coming to Android Nougat. Yes, you should be loving that addition and that you should be one of the major reasons why you should upgrade to Android Nougat.

Keyboard Themes
Google Keyboard already has tons of themes available but we got to see them coming default on Android Nougat powered phones.

Data Saver
Doze deals with battery saving, a new app called as Data Saver will be found in Android Nougat version which deals with data saving on your device.

Notification Enhancements
The notifications are the top most priority on smartphone. The Android Nougat will pay attention to notification enhancements.

Quick Settings API

Doze on the Go
Doze on the Go will make the device go into Doze mode when the screen is OFF.

Language Support
This upcoming Android version will go local. It adds support for multi-languages. It will bring Android to more than 100 languages.

Number Blocking
Android N will now support number blocking.

Call Screening
Android N will now add Call Screening feature toscreen incoming calls.

TV Recording
You will be able to record media and content from Android TV.

Direct Boot
Improves phone startup time and will limit apps with limited functionality after unexpected boot.

Project Svelte
It’s a new background optimization feature which will limit RAM usage by system and apps.

Now this features might be good enough for you to consider the upgrade for your device.

This update will be available to a number of devices from different OEMs.

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