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Sports: Premier League Title Favorites Remaining Fixture In 2016

Premier League Action getting really interesting as time goes with Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool looking to be the Premier League favorites, but of course we can't write off Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham at this stage with just 12 games played.

See the remaining fixtures for the Premier League Title favorites

Chelsea remaining Fixtures for 2016

Tottenham -H
Man city-A
West Brom -H
Sunderland -A
C.palace -A
Bournemouth - H
Stoke - H

Liverpool remaining fixtures for 2016

Sunderland -H
Bournemouth -A
West Ham -H
Middlesbrough -A
Everton -A
Stoke -H
Man City -H

Arsenal remaining fixtures for 2016

Bournemouth -H
West Ham -A
Stoke -H
Everton -A
Man City - A
West Brom -H

Man united remaining fixtures for 2016

West Ham -H
Everton -A
Tottenham -H
Crystal palace -A
West Brom -A
Sunderland -H
Middlesbrough -H

Tottenham remaining fixture for 2016

Chelsea -A
Swansea -H
Man united -A
Hull -H
Burnley -H
Southampton -A

Man city remaining fixtures for 2016

Burnley -A
Chelsea -H
Leicester -A
Watford -H
Arsenal -H
Hull -A
Liverpool -H

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