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Reasons Why Power Bank Explodes

In recent times or over the years, we do hear or saw the news of how a power bank exploded on the body of it’s user or elsewhere. This usually happens while the power bank is being used for charging phone either in the pocket of the user or placed somewhere else.

We may ask questions like Why would a power bank all of a sudden explode?

Here a 3 major reasons why power bank explodes

1.) Poor Battery Quality

Batteries are the major components of power banks, in fact that’s the most expensive part when you try to cost it individually. Most of the power banks in the market are made from Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries, though Lithium-ion is a cheaper option. Manufacturers, (in a bid to keep prices down) tend to make use of the Lithium- ion batteries to save costs. In worst case scenarios, some manufacturers go to the extent of using recycled batteries. Which is very risky and thus increases the chances of explosion occurring at a later time.

2.) Improper Circuit Design:

The quality of battery is a major cause of explosion but also the internal circuit design of a power bank is another likely reason of explosion. For a power bank a proper circuit design contains the following:

=> Power protection: A well made power bank should possess power protection. This is a mechanism that enables the battery to stop charging once it has reached full capacity.
=> Short circuit control: A Nice power bank should have it’s circuit fully insulated to prevent short circuit. (Short circuit means touching of wires)
=> Temperature control: The ideal power bank should have a kind of temperature control such that once it's in a particular temperature, it shuts down to cool off. If one or more of these are not built into the power bank, the chances of a likely explosion in the future are high.

3.) Wrong Usage

What can cause power bank explosion could be traced to we the users. How do you handle your power banks? Exposing power banks to high temperatures or humidity can lead to what can cause explosion . Overcharging of power banks is bad practice. Especially when it doesn’t have power protection like we explained above.
Other bad practices include spilling water on it or leaving it near a heated area, like under the sun.

So now you know the likely causes of a power bank explosion.

Meanwhile be careful of cheap power banks for instance, buying a "10000mAH solar powered power at the rate of N2500" mehn! Such power bank will definitely explode anytime.

I recommend you buy an Original power bank like NewAge Power banks. Also, note that using power banks in your pockets is not advisable

Best of luck!

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