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National Association Of Nigerian Students Condemns NCC Tariff Increase

Nigeria Students Condemn Increase in Data Tariffs

This is a press release from the office of the deputy coordinator NANS Zone D Southwest, it reads;

I write this press release deeply moved by the ugly state of our nation and how government of our nation has widen the gap between the rich and the poor through exploitation.

I received a message few hours ago from MTN as one of our networks on the increase of some data tariffs that will take effect from the Ist of December based on the new rate policy set by NCC.

Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) is a body that regulates actions of local networks and their modus operandi. It tends to regulate their prices to prevent over charges and serve as a medium of connection between the citizens and the government of our nation. They deal as a body with information, technology, media and telecommunication.

Let us agree that NCC has been useful as a body to work against selfish acts of local networks and making necessary corrections, sanctions or rules to avoid over reactions from these local networks.

I really do not need to inform students of this nation about the present state of our nation or how difficult it has been for months to survive as citizens on this nation as a result of hunger. Backlog of salaries are owned by state, sharp increase in price of foodstuffs, transport and rents. I'm forced to agree that exploitation or forceful tariffs are weapons used by the govt. to cater for the nation's need and to be used in reviving the dying economy because we need to pump money into our economy.

At this crucial state of our nation's economy where hunger, poverty and anger reside within us as citizens. At this ugly state, where there is a need for government, offices, commissions and agencies need to make suitable policy that will affect citizens positively and make lives livable, saner and clearer for us to live in as citizens; Nigeria Communication Commission chose to make policy and review charges of our local networks that will make life unbearable for us as citizens.

It is inhumane, barbaric and totally uncalled for at this state of our nation for any commission or agency to make policies that will inflict or cause hardship for citizens and it is absurd to increase data tariffs at this critical moment of our nation's history.

Students use this data for assignment, project and open tests. Some students use this data to surf internet for books to read and research. It is inappropriate to make life difficult for Nigeria students through increase in tariffs of data since our libraries are nothing to write home about.

We implore the (NCC) Nigeria Communication Commission to revisit their policy and urge MTN as a local network to work towards their vision of making services cheaper everywhere we go and make lives beautiful without stress.

We are ready to release thousands of unarmed students of our institutions, comrades, freedom fighters and activists into streets with placard and peaceful demonstration because we are not ready to be enslaved and never shall we allow our government to operate robbing peter to pay paul and still depends on support of paul easily.

Aluta Continua...Victoria Ascerta!

Com. Afolabi Saheed SEEDORF
Deputy Coordinator
South West.

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