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CallUp Letter Printing

Information Source: NYSC

I thought it wise to share this important information to all Prospective B16 Corpers on how to print your call up letter.

Previously, NYSC will send you your callup letter through your email. But this time around, we shall login to their site, enter our details, and then print.

Here are the steps to print our call up letter...

Steps to download and print NYSC Batch B 2016 Call up letter

We just discovered that the steps involved in the 2016 NYSC Batch B might be different from the previous steps used.

To get your Call up letter printed,

1. Visit țCallupForm
2. Complete the 2 empty spaces. (ie your institutions short name, and call up number)
3. After completing the empty spaces, click on "PRINT CALLUP LETTER".

Example NYSC/UNN/2016/4*3*3*,
The institution short code here is "UNN"; While the last 6 numbers "4*3*3*".is your call up number.

Or login to your NYSC portal
You should be able to see your callup letter, if not then wait for stream 2

Online Call up letter Printing starts 21st to 24th November, 2016 for Stream 1

We wish all of us the best in our service year. share this info to your friends.

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