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6 Best Android Apps To Read Bible

It's no longer new to us the speed at which technology is advancing daily. Improvements and upgrades to applications on our smartphones to suit our daily demands.
Here are 6 Best Android Apps To Read Bible whether online or offline.

Best Android Apps to Read Bible

Multi-Version Bible

The Multi-Version Bible App has an offline support which allows users to Download any translation of their choice free of charge, and read them offline afterwards.

With this Bible App users can easily search any words and verses from your favourite translation. A lot of translations in a lot of languages are provided free of charge, with more added regularly.
Download Multi-Version Bible App now to your Android Phone.


YouVersion the bible app is perhaps the No#1 app available in the android market. The app is downloaded on more than 95 million android devices. The app offers plenty of features and the users can also add their own features, highlights, bookmarks and customize their own experience when offline.

There are hundreds of versions available with more than 200 languages and the interface is provided in more than 35 languages. The texts are highlighted with colors which are just like the hard copy version. The users can also listen to the bible anytime anywhere. The app comes free of cost.

Download YouVersion on your Android device via Google Play.

DailyBible App

Daily Bible is one of the most popular bible apps available in Google Play Store. It provides a fast and easy approach to read every verse of bible. A reading plan is provided for this purpose. It supports multiple functions and has a home widget for daily bible verse.

The users can read or listen to the bible versions at home or any other place. There are wide ranges of biblical podcasts available in this app which a user can listen to.

This app is also available for free and you can download Daily Bible via Google Play. App is another useful app for reading bible. This app provides bible in more interesting format. The readers can select from more than 700 languages and the translations are provided in a more readable format.

In addition to providing the online version of bible, the users can download the text versions or audio files and read or listen to them whenever they want. The app also allows the users to bookmark the pages as and when required. With this app, the users can also watch bible video online.

Download on your Android Device!

Bible KJV

Bible KJV is another best reading bible available in the android market. The app allows the users to locate the book, chapter and verses of bible. The user friendly navigation and the verse location are some other striking feature of this app.

It provides a 3 year daily read plan and the users can also bookmark the chapters which is required. The chapters can easily be shared in any of the social networking sites or through Bluetooth, SMS or emails. Like other apps, the users do not have to pay for downloading this app.

Download Bible KJV on your Android device via Google Play

Olive Tree Bible Study

Olive Tree Bible study is another most popular online bible reading available in android market. The app has seen more than 4 million downloads. The users get to learn from some of the best scholars which include commentaries, maps and dictionaries. The app allows the users to sync bible study resources, bookmarks, notes and connect to any devices.

It provides the best resource guide for the online users. The online version allows the users to share it with friends and related persons through various social networking sites. Apart from providing the online mode, the app also provides full functionality when offline.

Download Olive Tree Bible Study on your Android device via Google Play.

The online bible apps available in the Android market give the users same experience which is usually seen in the hard copy versions. In other words, the bible verses available in the android market have some of the enhanced features which help the users to read bible anytime and share the verses with their social networking friends. The available of these files in multiple languages is a major plus point. The audio files enable the users to listen to the verses anywhere, at work, or in the run. If you have an android phone, these free apps is definitively worth a try.

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