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List of 4G LTE Compatible Smartphone In Nigeria, Kenya and India

4G LTE network is currently dominating the Nigeria telecom and while most network providers are transmitting with popular

frequency band like band 3(1800MHz), 7(2600MHz) and 8(900), Glo on the other hand have decided to settle for frequency band 28(700) which is not supported by most affordable 4g smartphones in Nigeria. which means even if you own a 4g smartphone, there is still a great chance that it won't work with the Glo 4g network.

So if you happen to be a Glo user, one of those you will always have in mind when searching for a 4g smartphone is to look out for the one that will be compatible with the network band. So below is the full list of 4g Smartphones that supports band 28(700) and will definitely work with the Glo 4g network.

✔ Alcatel Pop 4
✔ Alcatel Pop 4 Plus
✔ Alcatel Pop 4S
✔ Apple iPhone SE
✔ Apple iPhone 7
✔ Apple iPhone 7 Plus
✔ Apple iPhone SE
✔ Apple iPhone 7
✔ Apple iPhone 7 Plus
✔ Google Nexus 6P
✔ HTC One A9s
✔ HTC M9
✔ HTC 10
✔ HTC One S9
✔ HTC Desire 10 Pro
✔ LG G4
✔ Lumia 950
✔ Oppo F1s
✔ Sony Xperia XZ
✔ Samsung Galaxy S7
✔ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Although Samsung has discontinued this device).
✔ ZTE Axon 7.

So if there is any new addition or anyone I might have missed, just let me know and I will add it to the list.

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