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How to Stop MTN Annoying Subscriptions From Deducting Your Airtime

So many of us have been looking for a way to STOP MTN from deducting our airtime with no idea of what we subscribed for.

Some people every week while some every day and you can bear me witness that this can be so annoying.

MTN play and caller tunes had offended so many subscribers because of the charges that happen unnoticed and unexpectedly.
Some of us even subscribed to some MTN services you don’t know anything about only to discover that anytime your recharge, N50 is been deducted from your account even #100 sometimes.

The worst part of it is that most times, people are forced to opt in to these useless services and sometimes people opt in unknowingly.

But sometimes It's caused by You Whenever you subscribe to any of the MTN services intentionally or unintentionally plans, MTN will always re-activate/auto-renew the subscription after validity or expired which you may not wish to do and it could be annoying if you want to use your airtime for other stuff. Its time to take action against this unnecessary charges and deductions in your account by MTN as a result of subscribing to one or more of their services.


You might just Put on your device and a message like this will just pop up on your Phone

And you will want to remove the pop up notification message by pressing OK , Not knowing you have you have just got your self into MTN Trouble, you will only notice AFTER you Airtime had been deducted the 5th time.

Now Enough is enough Today I will unveil How To Cancel or Deactivate or Opt Out of MTN Subscriptions.

Thanks to the NCC for mandating every network provider to provide a means through which subscribers can opt out of any service provided. and now MTN Nigeria has complied with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide an opt-out code to stop MTN from deducting your money or Airtime.

So for guys searching and asking for : * mtn opt out code * * my mtn play * * how to stop mtn play fashion guide * * how to deactivate mtn play sport news * * how to unsubscribe from mtn fashion guide * * mtn play unsubscribe code * *mtn opt out code * * how to stop mtn from deducting my credit * *how to deactivate mtn play sport news * * how to cancel mtn subscription * * how to unsubscribe from mtn fashion guide... Here is the complete guide on How To Cancel or Deactivate or Opt Out of MTN Subscriptions.

How Can I Opt Out From All MTN subscription?

» Dial the code *123*5*4# and reply with 1 to see your active subscriptions

» Reply with the serial number of each active subscription shown and that you want to opt out from

» Reply with 1 to unsubscribe

» You can also dial *123*5*2# and then reply with 8 to see the list of your current active MTN play services and unsubscribe from them.

If you have multiple active subscriptions, then repeat the process and select any active subscriptions to unsubscribe from.
It’s easy and fast.

Anytime you notice any unhealthy deduction from your account, quickly check to see that you’ve cancels all active subscription.


How To Opt-Out From MTN Play

STEP...1 »» Now with the SIMCARD which you have been subscribed for MTN Play services, i mean the one mtn the deduct money from,insert it either on your phone with browsing facility or in your internet modem, make sure you have data(MB) on it.

either connecting to the internet via modem to browse on your system or insert it in your browsing phone and open browser while you

STEP...2 »» You should see something like the image above in their homepage, now you will see option in the menu,such as Home, sport, and My MTN Play in black background like the above image. Now click on ''My MTN Play

STEP...3 »» In the submenu that will open thereafter you will see three options as you can see on the above image,click on ''My subscription' it will display the current service which you are subscribed to.

STEP...4 »» Just click on each services either E-learning,CNN news,sahara news,sport news whatever.

STEP...5 »» You shall see final result that will display,how to unsubscribe just click on unsubscribe and you are done.

Update : it now even better than ever before, as deactivation is now very very simple and easy... All You have to do now is to grab You phone and just dial the Below code.

How to cancel mtn fashion, play and all other annoying subscription deducting/removing your Money.

»» Dail: *123*5*2#

»» Reply with 8

»» You will find all services you have subscribed To.

»» Reply with the serial number of each active subscription shown and that you want to opt out from

»» Finally Reply with 1 and You are OUT

Congratulations Guys You have just gotten Empty Hen money zipping straw off your Airtime, at last we've won the battle.

*If you still encounter any problem please do not hesitate to indicate your problem in the comment box or contact me.

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