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How To Accumulate More Than 90GB Free Data From Airtel

What are you still waiting for, when you can get more than 90GB from Airtel SmartSim offer on one sim? Airtel SmartSim offer has really been dashing out huge data to all Samsung users and those that are not using Samsung has to change their phone IMEI to the smartphone even the Samsung users have to change their IMEI too in order to get this offer.

Lastly, I updated how to get free 5GB free on Airtel smart sim offer click Here but only few could get the 5GB and now, is time to accumulate the SmartSim data even more than 90GB depending on how you are lucky but when you change your IMEI properly, you will surely get more than 120GB and more.

How To Accumulate Airtel SmartSim Offer

In this method, you will have to useMTK ENGINEERING,IMEI Analyzer andSMS Bomber so if your phone doesn't support mediatek, please am sorry you are not invited.
So kindly download MTK ENGINEERING by clicking here, then IMEI analyzer by clicking here and download SMS bomber by clicking here then launch all of them.

So after that, kindly analyze these IMEI'S below;


Then tweak the IMEI using MTK ENGINEERING. If you don't know how to tweak IMEI kindly click here to learn now.

Then after tweaking your IMEI, kindly launch your sms bomber and blast this message by sending JOIN to 141 and immediately, you will receive a successful message saying;

You have been rewarded 30GB for 60days on activation of the Airtel Data Terminal.

Just keep blasting it and you will receive this successful message more than 5times if lucky. As shown below;

Then keep blazing!

How to use SMS bomber

Launch your sms bomber.
Then type TO: 141 in the first space.
Then in the second box MESSAGE: JOIN.
Then put the amount of numbers it will blast the Message kindly insert 10.
Then click on NO DELAY and tap on SEND.
Immediately it will automatically blast your message 10times as ordered.

So keep blazing!

Wait, are you still doubting? See here below;

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

This cheat is 100% verified, trusted and reliable, so activate yours now!

Credit: Blazerwap

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