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Five homemade solutions for healing mouth sores

Mouth sores - also known as thrush - are typical injuries that affect up to 80% of the population and can be caused by several factors such as stress, vitamin deficiency, dental and stomach problems. Its appearance is predominant in the inner area of ??the lips, cheeks, or tongue. Although they are not contagious and usually do not bring complications, these sores are quite painful.

 A very effective natural treatment is & nbsp; make a & nbsp; mouthwash & nbsp; twice a day.
A very effective natural treatment is to rinse twice a day.
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 Canker sores usually disappear on their own. However, if you want to speed up the process and relieve pain, natural remedies and home procedures are effective and simple solutions. Here we show you five methods to cure canker sores naturally.

 1 - A very effective natural treatment is to rinse twice a day with a mixture of half a glass of cider vinegar or apple with half a glass of warm water until the sores disappear.

 2 - To cure oral ulcers, it is recommended to heat a little lemon juice with sugar. After it cools, moisten a cotton ball with that liquid and rub it over the sore.

 3 - Another homemade tip to remove canker sores is to put a little mustard on the sore. Although the wound may burn, that seasoning is very effective against discomfort.

 4 - You can create a thick paste with baking soda and a few drops of water and apply it (a small amount) directly on the sore for 1 or 2 minutes. It is important to keep the area away from the teeth and gums, and should not be eaten for about 10 minutes after application.

 5 - Eat plenty of lemon, onion and garlic. One idea is to prepare a salad with these ingredients. Fresh foods are highly recommended in case of canker sores.

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